Certified Learning teaches all of the intellectual abilities your kindergarten, first, and second grade students need for academic success.


The program teaches each student individually. It employs a tutorial model of instruction designed for classroom-size groups. It covers the basic curriculum – reading, math, and science concepts – for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. It also teaches foundational abilities and skills that are necessary (but often lacking) for learning the content curriculum.

The overall goal is to optimally prepare each student for the transition to the more advanced curriculum of the middle grades.




Certified Learning  incorporates the principles of tutorial instruction. All three of these features are important.

Continuous Progress: Students learn as independently as possible at their own rate.

Immediate Interventions: Students get immediate help when they experience learning difficulties.

Certified Advancement: No progress is made without demonstrating learning. Advancement is conditional on documented mastery of the lesson completed.


During Certified Learning, each student cycles through three different learning centers.

Physical Center: Learning perceptual skills, body control, and basic concepts taught at a concrete level.

Workbook Center: Developing basic skills, acquiring fundamental learning abilities, and practicing skills application.

Computer Center: These lessons cover concepts for understanding  basic skills and skills application in reading, math, and science.


Duration: Each lesson has an expected duration to completion.

Progress Bookmarks: These serve to monitor lesson progress; they are markers for resuming lesson interruptions.

Mastery Tests: Upon completion of a lesson, the student is given a pass-fail test of the lesson content. Students do not progress to the next lesson without demonstrating mastery.

Learning Problem Flags: These are contingent on defined conditions – taking excessive time to complete a lesson, failing a mastery test a second time, etc. The teacher is informed of the need to intervene.



  • designed so that every student succeeds to the best of his or her abilities
  • students learn to take control of their behavior
  • schools and administrators experience positive results and higher test scores
  • affordable and easy to use
  • students work through the curriculum at their own pace

“‘Excitement’ and ‘empowerment’ are words being used by these  teachers as they and their students reap the benefits of being able to ‘certify’ that the individual educational needs of students in their classes are being met and they are reaching their goal of truly leaving no student behind!”


“In my opinion, the Certified Learning program is fantastic at filling in the gaps that kids have. This is my 20th year as an educator, and I have seen nothing that does it better.”


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