IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) gets to the root of learning difficulties by addressing the issues that often cause poor academic performance.


The IPP program is successful because it addresses the cause(s) of the learning difficulty. It works to improve attention span, memory, comparison/contrast thinking, eye-hand coordination, systems reasoning and other skills essential to the learning process, helping students perform better in school and in life.


Students are referred to an IPP lab because they are having difficulties learning. The students may be children in school classrooms, teens in training courses, adults in literacy classes, or any other situation where they are failing to learn the material that is being presented. IPP works the same in all these contexts because IPP is not tutoring. Tutoring is more intense teaching. IPP, on the other hand, is learning therapy. It deals directly with the causes of learning problems, which helps your students get back on track more quickly!


When a student is referred to the IPP program, he or she is given a number of assessments that cover cognitive abilities, sensory motor functions, and focusing skills functions to determine the reason(s) for the student’s learning problem. These causes are specifically identified and matched with individual training plans for the student.


The training plan for each student is very specific so that it can meet his or her needs. After all trainings have been administered by an IPP specialist, the expectation is that the student will be able to return to the instructional situation and progress with much improved performance. The IPP program is successful more than 90% of the time!



“The school staff have totally embraced the program and in a short period of time have it operating very effectively. The computer-generated profile for each student and the prescription for the instructor make this program an invaluable asset to our overall school program.”


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