Practical Ways to Build Your SOI Clientele

Times are hard, but change is sometimes harder!

There is change in relationships, in parenting, in education, and in the job market. It seems like obstacles spring up at every turn; we try to climb over them, dig under them, or blow a hole right through the middle. No matter where we are in life, we all want what’s best for our family, children, and finances.

Many times I’ve been asked the question, “How can my center bring in more income?” Believe me, I wish I had a crystal ball that would give you the answer. However, I do have some suggestions that I have listed below. Hopefully they will help you generate some prospects for additional income in your center.

If you have afternoon and evening clients (after school and work), why not begin a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten for those too young for public school? Our Certified Learning program can be done in the morning time. We have a per-student plan that allows you to financially have as many or as few students that sign up at your center. SOI offers the program to you, the practitioner, for $20 per student per month. Once you reach the full license fee, you are no longer charged for the students. It is that easy!

Here is the idea: host an open house and invite neighborhood parents to explain the Certified Learning program. In two hours per day, their child can be getting prepared for school. Certified Learning shows each student’s progress, tracks interventions taken to prevent stumbling blocks in learning, and uses sensory-motor exercises that calm and control behavior. What parent doesn’t want that for their 4 or 5 year old?

Another idea is to do summer boot camps that focus on one subject every two weeks. Our Basic Reader program is an excellent way to get kids up to their reading grade level in a short period of time. Two weeks later, offer a math camp or another type of program. You get the idea. Parents are more inclined to sign up their child if the work is focused and the time is limited.

Everyone experiences the economic pitfalls of paying for a space to operate their center, providing staff and materials, and just trying to keep the lights on. SOI is no different. As many of you know, we have moved from the beautiful Vida property to a home in Springfield that has been converted into an office and living space. You can view pictures of our new building here! While we miss the surroundings and luxury of the Vida building, we also realize that change needed to happen.

Rest assured that SOI Systems is still just as efficient and dedicated to our clients and the products we provide!

We hope to see as many of you as possible this summer at the Advanced and Associate training in July. Please take the opportunity to drop by our new office!

written by: Jody Brooks, SOI Systems general manager

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