Innovations in the Human Learning Process

Energia Wellbeing, located in India, was founded in 2011 as a private limited company to provide services, which were based on the scientific applications of preventive, developmental, and positive psychology. Within three years of its opening, the first branch office in the city of Pune was started.


Energia firmly believes in your ability to achieve success in your chosen field, which can lead to self-actualization. We give you insight to broaden your horizons and bring about a self-transformation. Our programs help create insights across academic, behavioral, emotional and social aspects of your life.

The future/career of an individual is defined by their unique strengths. We can help by identifying and bridging the gap for any weak abilities. Research proves that this method gives more solution-based productivity and enhanced performance to the individual.

Since 2014, Energia’s vision has expanded through the use of SOI modules. At the end of a few sessions with us, the parents were noticing these things about their students:

  • their motivation level went up
  • there were no more spelling errors
  • they had a better pool of vocabulary developed
  • their attention span showed a gradual change to being able to stay on task for approximately 10-25 minutes (before they couldn’t even sit for 10 minutes)
  • they had better ways of recalling memory using association and convergent abilities
  • notational information helps them with evaluation

SOI has made such a difference in the students and their learning. Every student makes progress at his or her level. This means a lot; it shows how well the SOI concepts worked with our 350+ students so far. This is a journey that has just begun!


This small little boy was our first Energia Wellbeing SOI student. His mother was so worried and tense when she walked into the office one day after seeing an ad in the newspaper. She walked in confused and worried, but in the back of her mind, she was hoping for a solution to her child’s problem.

When we met, her first question was if the abilities we work on – the basics of comprehension, retentive memory, logical thinking and learning, creativity, etc. – would help a child that everyone feels and says is very low academically and is poor with coping skills.

I can’t give up on my child like this. Let people say what they have to.

This boy could not write; didn’t attempt to answer or participate in reading, vocabulary, and spelling; was a distracter to the classroom environment; was not good with social interactions, etc.

When explained to her the concept, flow, and personalized training materials, I saw her facial expression change! She was calm, composed, and said, “Yes! This will reform my child for sure.”

The next day, he took the SOI PLA test. We started working on SOI modules and upon completion of 20 hours of work, we had this feedback:

  • understood concepts
  • attempted to write
  • calm and more collective in his thoughts
  • showed interest in academics
  • acted better with his friends in school

Upon 50 hours – 80 hours of completion, this is what we accomplished with this child:

  • is better with vocabulary and spelling
  • is able to answer in class
  • is able to do a project presentation
  • teachers started appreciating him in class
  • takes ownership of his homework
  • socially, he started interacting and participating with cousins and family
  • is more confident with ideas and initiation

By the end of the first academic year, the boy’s parents were in seventh heaven. She said, “SOI has reformed our child and as parents, we think he needs more to build and stabilize his abilities. We will be enrolling him for the second academic year, also.”

This means a lot for us at Energia.

written by: Sadaf Merchant, clinical psychologist at Energia Wellbeing

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