Learning Ability Assessment

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ability as "natural aptitude or acquired proficiency."

Our comprehensive assessments evaluate cognition, memory, problem solving, evaluation, and creativity. Specific abilities are evaluated in these areas that relate to learning.


This the ability to assimilate new material or to recognize material that has been encountered before. People in education use the term “comprehension” to mean the same as the Structure of Intellect term “cognition.”


Memory is the ability to recall previously cognized material. Memory is the counterpart to Cognition. Cognition is the ability to “take-in” information; Memory is the ability to “bring-back” information.


Evaluation is the ability to make practical judgments or decisions. Evaluation is required in situations that involve incomplete information - either ambiguity or uncertainty.


Problem solving is the ability to arrive at a determinate answer from the information given. It is the ability used in rule-following.


Creativity is freedom of expression in writing, drawing, numbers, and more. It is the idea of "thinking outside the box."

Sensory Integration & Perceptual Skills


Brain functioning begins in the body. An SOI-IPP assessment (sensory integration & perceptual skills) is able to determine where the physical system needs assistance in developing a firm foundation for learning.

This is the first step in our SOI-IPP program, which focuses on a how a person's physical abilities relate to the left and right side of the brain and, ultimately, learning. These physical abilities are important to the learning process because a strong intellectual system needs a strong physical base.

The human body is amazing in its complexity. The more well-developed and functioning it is, the more efficient are all physical and mental activities. An inefficient system creates its own stress and aggravates an already stressed individual.

If any of the following describe you or your child, an IPP assessment could be very beneficial.

Assess sensory integration and perceptual skills.
  • has difficulty paying attention
  • can't sit still
  • anxious
  • has difficulty focusing
  • wanders around the classroom or workplace
  • lack of concentration
  • poor posture
  • trouble reading/tracking across a page
  • clumsy
  • unaware of body in space





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