The SOI test is helpful in the selection process for a career. The SOI career analysis reviews an individual’s different abilities and matches their aptitude to a career preference.


No matter the academic experience, a person may not have the qualifications within their ability skills to meet the requirements for a particular career. SOI test results allow you to construct an academic path toward a career in which you will be successful.

Already finished college and found out the vocation you chose is a struggle? Why continue to exert energy and time into something causing you anxiety? With the SOI career tests, you have the opportunity to identify your strong areas of capability and see the implications for job possibilities.


Choose from over 100 general professional careers, profile your abilities against those needed, and begin to explore your options. The more you know about your strengths and talents, the better success you will have.





  • discover new career options  based on your abilities
  • improve any low abilities to open up new career options
  • take the test online with SOI Systems or in person with an SOI Practitioner
  • utilize career analyses to help high school students, college students, and adults think about their careers
  • show them  where their potential might be used in the work force
  • can be administered via the ALA test or Form CR test
Discover career options based on SOI test results.

SOI tests are multli-faceted. This is important because there are many aspects to intelligence. You want a test that is sensitive to these differences.

The test produces a profile of learning abilities in the areas of cognition, memory, problem-solving, evaluation, and creativity. Figural, Symbolic, and seMantic abilities are profiled to show your learning style and strengths.

SOI assessments identify students at risk for college completion with the following:

  • broad-spectrum tests assessing intellectual abilities
  • tests of creative and critical thinking abilities
  • behavioral/character analyses for motivation