We work to understand & address the causes of learning difficulties. This is how SOI makes traditional education more successful!

Our goal is to develop the lifelong learning abilities that you need in order to be successful in school, your career, and life in general.

The process is simple: assess, identify, and train.

"SOI is the tool that finally helped me understand my child."

SOI is unique because we can find the problem, provide a

solution, and make sure that there is improvement.

Help for Students

Do you or your child have difficulty remembering things? With comprehension? With focusing on the task at hand? Trouble in the classroom? SOI can help with all these things!


Successful learning requires a certain level of different abilities to be in place – comprehension, problem solving, evaluation, memory, etc. Our goal is to develop those lifelong learning abilities that you need to in order to be successful. learn more >

Help for Adults

Whether you are starting your career path, seeking a career change, or just want to improve your learning abilities, SOI has the tools to help!


SOI test results allow you to construct an academic path toward a career in which you will be successful. With the SOI career tests, you have the opportunity to identify your strong areas of capability and see the implications for job possibilities. learn more >


"The SOI program changed my life."

Assessments are available for grades pre-k to adult. They relate to school, careers, and life.

Discover what areas may be causing difficulties and what areas are already strong. Assessments can be taken with an SOI Practitioner or online with SOI Systems.

SOI analyses profile the following abilities: reading, math, memory, comprehension, problem-solving, evaluation, and creativity.

Analyses indicate what areas need improvement, and provide insight into dominant learning styles.

Comprehensive, individualized programs are developed based on the individual's results.

Low abilities can be targeted and improved with SOI training materials, while average and gifted abilities can be further enhanced the same way.

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