Learning Ability Test Results & Analysis

The SOI assessment delivers a complete profile of each individual. This profile provides detailed information on:

  • learning ability strengths
  • areas in need of attention
  • the individual's dominant learning style
  • suggestions for areas of improvement
  • scores on each SOI subtest
  • what the scores mean

What's your learning style?


Our educational analysis establishes where the student is educationally. It provides detailed information on learning ability strengths and weaknesses, including suggestions on how to improve them. You will also learn how the abilities relate to school and curriculum.


Choose a career analysis to evaluate your career potential. Receive a profile of your learning abilities compared to the abilities required for specific careers. It can also show  you what abilities you need to strengthen to find a better fit in your current job.


SOI provides a variety of products and programs that can help to improve any areas in need of improvement and further enhance strong ones.

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  • Figural intelligence deals with concrete information that one can see, hear, and touch directly - where the informational content is immediately perceived.
  • Symbolic intelligence deals with information in notational form. In contrast to figural information, which is concrete, symbolic information is abstract.
  • SeMantic content deals with concepts and ideas. It  is the principal content in school. SeMantic learners are good at processing the conceptual content of language and thus are at an advantage for learning!

Sensory Integration Training Plan

After an IPP assessment has been completed, the results are input into a program that generates a targeted training plan for the individual.

The training plan focuses on all areas in need of improvement. It will include a series of exercises focusing on vision and sensory integration.

The training plan is unique to the individual's deficits, ensuring that the time invested into doing the IPP exercises is time well spent. IPP exercises focus on balancing, crossing the midline, vision training, and more.

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