LOCAN is a Figural method for reading. A Figural reading method is when picture-characters (or glyphs) stand for meanings. The meaning is directly represented by a single symbol.

LOCAN is this type of hieroglyphic language. Ancient hieroglyphic languages were primitive and concrete. That is also LOCAN’s strength. It is direct and concrete.  Every word in the language has its own glyph.

All people first learn to read by associating a sign or symbol with a meaning. Children first learn to read logos, trademarks, road signs, etc. It is the natural way to learn to read.  LOCAN extends this natural experience into the English language.




All children in the concrete stage of development, pre-schoolers, most kindergarteners, and many first graders, all who are figurally dominant can benefit from LOCAN Starter. Their first reading experience should be LOCAN – it is appropriate to their stage of development.

For the pre-literate or non-literate student, this is the ideal way to start learning to read. LOCAN Starter focuses on a light vocabulary and association of LOCAN figures to the written word using vision, hearing, and speaking methods. Games are used to incorporate the LOCAN figure to memory. Then the written word is introduced that relates to the figure. These students feel a sense of accomplishment in reading the figures! They ARE reading!





Most students who have not learned to read by the third grade (probably figurally-dominant), are often labeled as “learning disabled” or “dyslexic” because they cannot read.  They need to be re-introduced to reading through LOCAN – it is the most effective way of getting them back into mainstream learning.

This program is designed for teaching Figural reading to students from primary grades to adults. The teacher guide introduces the figures with flash cards. A BINGO game is included for additional visual recognition. The names of the figures are then integrated within the 10 workbooks. These workbooks identify nouns, adjective, pronouns, prepositions and plurals. Each item is associated with the LOCAN figure, the word for the figure, and then sentence reading and writing.





Adolescents and adults who have been exposed to reading instruction but have not learned to read – the functionally illiterate. LOCAN, especially LOCAN Complete on the computer, is a good way to lead them back to reading instruction. People who have been exposed to reading instruction, but have not learned to read, have probably been exposed to years of remedial reading instruction.

This group is, typically, very difficult to reach with conventional reading instruction. They have seen too much of it, and, having failed for years, they are very indifferent or are actively hostile to conventional reading instruction.  The first task is to convince them that they can read.  LOCAN provides that bridge, then they can be approached with traditional reading instruction.

LOCAN Complete is computer based; there is no workbook. The instruction manual provides insights into how the program operates and daily use. The basic concepts of LOCAN figures are introduced. Then word associations, identification of adjectives, pronouns, nouns, past and future tenses, prepositions and verbs. The extensive vocabulary is created in a reading portion and then the student proceeds to writing complex sentences.


LOCAN is a reading program for Figural Learners.