With these materials, a student can build up the learning abilities necessary to reach his or her full potential.

Personalized workbooks and/or CDs are available based on students' test results (forms CR, L, ALA, and PLA). They contain modules that match the exact development requirements of a given student. Each workbook or CD is determined and derived from SOI test scores to train abilities that need the most attention - low abilities will be strengthened and high abilities will be further enhanced.

The workbook contains approximately 150 pages and is completely self-contained with introductory materials and answer keys for each module presented. These workbooks have an added advantage in that tasks are articulated within the book.

In other words, the easier part of a given module is presented early in the sequence and the more difficult part is presented later. A personalized CD has the modules in computer form for the student to use again and again.

workbook only: $25.00       workbook & CD combo: $35       CD only: $20.00 

SOI modules train learning abilities.