Basic Reader is a complete program designed for elementary age students who are struggling with reading. There are three major causes of reading difficulties: students do not have the necessary perceptual skills; students are not ready cognitively; or the teaching method does not match the students' learning style. Basic Reader addresses all of these causes and helps students read better in five easy steps:


  1. screen student for vision problems
  2. determine student's learning style (figural, symbolic, or semantic)
  3. choose the best learning path for the student
  4. administer workbook and computer exercises tailored for the student
  5. reintroduce reading instruction


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LOCAN is a reading program for non-readers - primarily those that are figural learners. All children who are preliterate or non-literate will benefit from this program. It uses picture-characters (glyphs) to represent words, so every word in the LOCAN language has its own glyph.

Students will learn to read by associating the glyph with a word/meaning. Glyphs are then put together to create sentences; students can read these sentences because they know the meanings of the glyphs. Once students learn this figural language, it makes it easier for them to transfer to an alphabetic language. Watch your non-reader gain confidence and learn to read with LOCAN!   learn more >


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ReadingPrep is designed to prepare students for reading. Whether it is students who are just beginning their education, or those who have started and not succeeded in reading, this program can help. We want all students to be successful with reading instruction. Perceptual skills, cognitive abilities, reading concepts, and small motor skills are all necessary for reading instruction. ReadingPrep puts all of these skills, abilities, and concepts in place to prevent (or remedy) reading failure. The program is age-appropriate for students as young as five years old, but can be beneficial to almost any age.  learn more >


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These exercises are excerpts of SOI modules that target the following areas: comprehension of verbal relations, visual tracking, near point vision, word transformation. The goal is to increase the student’s abilities in the area of reading.

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This workbook and CD set contains modules that help students who struggle with dyslexia. The workbook and CD can be purchased together or separately.

workbook only: $25       workbook + CD single user: $35       CD single user: $20       CD multi user: $200