Learning Ability Training

We want each and every individual to be able to reach their fullest learning potential.

The value of the SOI learning ability assessments is that they provide a clear profile of the whole individual. The profile shows us exactly where any deficits are so that they can be targeted for improvement.

One of our main goals is to have each individual well-rounded in all three learning styles - Figural, Symbolic, and seMantic - so that no matter the type of learning situation they encounter in school, work, and life, they are able to be successful.

There are 90 specific learning abilities that can be trained with SOI. Some relate to reading. Others relate to math. Others relate to vision. And more. These abilities range in difficulty in five main areas: cognition, memory, evaluation, problem solving, and creativity.

Having a comprehensive, fully personalized SOI program is the best to address an individual's unique strengths and weaknesses. Low abilities can be improved and strong abilities can be further enhanced, creating a well-rounded individual on the path to success!

Sensory Integration Training

IPP exercises focuses on the areas where the physical system needs assistance in developing a firm foundation for learning. This is critical because learning is not all in your head. Solid brain functioning begins in the body.

Each individual's IPP training plan is created to address the deficits found in the initial assessment. The exercises work to improve sensory motor skills, visual functions, and auditory processing. After working through the IPP training program, you will begin to see improvements in different areas: behavior, body awareness, vision skills, self confidence, and more!

IPP training exercises focus on improving left and right brain function to ensure all functions are working properly together. Some of the exercises include:




  • balance exercises
  • vision training
  • auditory processing training
  • eye tracking activities
  • posture & gait training
  • motor skill activities
  • targeting exercises
  • and more!

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