Unlock Learning Potential

SOI is the most comprehensive cognitive development program for learners.

soi systems

SOI Systems helps students and adults of all ages achieve learning success.

We are successful because we focus at the very root of learning in order to help you unlock your full learning potential!

soi systems

We can help you...

address learning challenges, improve intellectual abilities, expand career opportunities, and more.

"We don't ask how much intelligence. We ask what kind."

– Dr. Mary Meeker, co-founder of SOI Systems

What We Address

General Academic Issues

Lack of Memory Skills

Poor Reading Comprehension

Anxiety Over School or Work

Poor Handwriting

Homework Taking Too Long

Difficulty Following Instructions

Inability to Focus

General Behavioral Issues

Difficulty Sitting Still

Sensory Integration Problems

Poor Posture

The SOI Process


SOI assessments are available for grades pre-k to adult. They relate to education, careers, and life. Discover what areas are already strong, and which may be causing learning difficulties.


SOI analyses profile these abilities: reading, math, memory, comprehension, problem-solving, evaluation, and creativity. Analyses indicate what areas need improvement, and provide insight into dominant learning styles.


Comprehensive, individualized programs are developed based on each individual's results. Low abilities can be targeted and improved with SOI training materials, while average and gifted abilities can be further enhanced the same way.

SOI is unique because we can find the problem, provide a solution, and make sure that there is improvement.

We Train Five Key Areas Related to Learning