Learning Abilities

Assessments & Training

SOI is concerned with every student’s ability to learn and can ensure that every student has the abilities in place for learning.

We prepare students to learn, correct learning blocks, and stretch students in areas not exercised by the standard curriculum.

Learning Ability Assessment

In order to learn, students must be able to receive, process, assimilate, store, and use the information that is presented to them. It is often assumed that students can do all of these things. But what happens when students do not meet these assumptions? What can we do?

The best way to identify learning needs is to assess them. The SOI learning ability test measures twenty-six abilities that predict success in school. They are the basic skills that form the backbone of education.

Six primary areas are evaluated:

  • learning style
  • school learning abilities
  • critical-analytical reasoning abilities
  • reading abilities
  • arithmetic/math abilities
  • vision

The SOI assessment and corresponding analysis makes it easy to see each student’s learning ability strengths and weaknesses, how they relate to school and curriculum, and what can be done to improve any low areas.

Learning Ability Training

Did you know that specific learning abilities can be trained? And that these abilities affect achievement performance as well as general intellectual functioning?

With SOI personalized learning materials, a student can build up the learning abilities necessary to reach his or her full potential. SOI personalized materials are available based on students’ assessment results. They contain training modules that match the exact development requirements of a student.

Each set of materials is determined and derived from SOI test scores to train abilities that need the most attention – low abilities will be strengthened and high abilities will be further enhanced.

We can reconnect students in the learning process.