Daughter’s Reading Disability Diagnosed with SOI

Did you know that SOI can identify and address a reading disability? My family traveled a very long road before finding out about SOI in 1982. As a nine year old in the fourth grade, our daughter had not yet learned to read. We had exhausted the medical community (we thought) and her school was perplexed and at times agitated with our daughter or with us. The SOI program gave us the solutions that resulted in her ultimate success in reading, in her education, and in finding her self-esteem and confidence. Her avid love of animals sustained her through those…

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Missing Intellectual Abilities Identified in Failing Pilots

World War II. Pilots. Planes. Intellectual abilities. What do these things have to do with learning? You might be surprised! Check out this short video to find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhDFnzXDIeY Did you find this information interesting? Click the like or share button found below to spread the word. We appreciate your support!

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Welcome to the SOI Blog!

SOI stands for Structure of Intellect. What is our goal? Academic success. How do we get there? By developing learning abilities one step at a time. The Structure of Intellect (SOI) theory was developed by Dr. J.P. Guilford. He discovered that there are more than 90 different ways in which we can learn. He determined that comprehension, memory, evaluation, problem-solving, and creativity are the basic operations of learning. Dr. Mary Meeker, a student of Guilford’s, applied Guilford’s theory to the practical needs of education. Dr. Meeker used the SOI model to design materials that develop learning abilities. She did this…

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