Are You Ready to Pay Attention?

Are you ready to pay attention?

What a critical question that is. Preparing yourself to pay attention creates a complex matrix of physical and cognitive abilities. 

This question answers why I have never lost interest in giving the SOI assessments to all ages and for many different reasons. The SOI assessments define levels of ability in learning, retaining, and applying knowledge. 

How exciting to share with individuals where they revealed strengths in the ability to pay attention. It’s also comforting to find areas of processing information that weaken the ability to pay attention. Why is it comforting? Because SOI has an incredible array of materials and programs that strengthen and enhance learning abilities. 

To pay attention is a statement of action. Are you prepared to focus through visual and auditory abilities? Is your body ready to be still or to respond physically to instructions? 

Being ready to pay attention allows cognition and memory to deliver information to the brain without distraction. Information stored is available to make good judgments and solve problems. The ability to be creative is demonstrating how to enhance what is known to new levels of presentation.

To pay attention is not a group activity. It is very personal. Every one of us has a preferred way we pay attention and we have developed strategies to avoid weaknesses by using our strengths. Some of these strategies are helpful and many are not. 

Younger children often cover up the lack of ability to pay attention through behaviors that disrupt and cause difficulty at home or at school. These behaviors, if not successfully addressed, continue on. 

Are you ready to pay attention? If not? Why? SOI will forever seek the answers and provide individual solutions to learners of all ages. Find out more by visiting our website.

written by: Diane Hochstein, SOI Service Company

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