Memory Training I

Did you know that memory is one of the easiest learning abilities to train?

Memory training is an important part of life and learning, but how much time do we really spend developing or improving it?

At SOI, we have testing and training materials that target a variety of learning abilities: comprehension, memory, evaluation, creativity, and problem solving. Aside from these materials, there are many exercises/games that improve specific learning abilities.

Below you will find two exercises/games that improve memory that can be used with younger children/students. These activities are a fun way to train this important ability. They can also be done quickly and easily!

Exercise 1 – Memory of Figural Units

Objective: The student will be able to develop the ability to remember given figural objects.


  • 10 small toy objects that are all different such as a ball, block, pencil, pen, chalk, crayon, eraser, paper clip, paper, toy animals, dishes, etc.
  • tray to hold all the objects
  • box (a shoe box or something similar) to place objects in; cover the box with a lid that has a hole in it large enough for student’s hand to go into

Directions: The student must recognize 10 small objects which have been placed on a tray. He/she needs to know the names of the objects before you start the exercise.

Part 1

  1. Show the tray containing the objects for 1 minute.
  2. Tell the student to look away or close his/her eyes while you remove one of the ten objects.
  3. Ask the student to name the object that has been removed.
  4. To achieve success, repeat the exercise.
  5. When the student is sufficiently sure of his/her successes, cut down the exposure time.

Part 2

  1. Place an object into the covered box.
  2. Have the student feel the object and guess what it is.
  3. Have the student pull the object out to check whether he/she is correct.

Exercise 2 – Memory of Figural Systems

Objective: The student will be able to develop the ability to remember the spatial order or placement of given visual information.

Directions: The student must remember a sequential order of designated items.

  1. Tell the class that each student in the group will be called on to go to some object in the room and touch it.
  2. If a student is the second one called on, he/she must touch the object that the first student selected and then touch his/her choice.
  3. The third student must touch what the first and second students selected in that order, before he/she adds his/her choice.
  4. Continue until a student misses.
  5. Repeat with students called in a different order.

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