Announcement: New Online Learning Abilities Tests

In 2010, Dr. Robert Meeker upgraded and integrated 50 years of experience into two new SOI tests. The ALA (Advanced Learning Abilities) and PLA (Primary Learning Abilities) tests were originally designed for our colleagues in other countries, but the need for an online version of SOI testing was another driving force behind the project. The ALA and PLA tests are currently in paper-pencil format and will be available online in September 2016.


The addition of Critical Thinking subtests within the ALA adds value for the career-oriented client.

SOI continues to offer paper-pencil versions of both tests as a means of observing the student taking the test. Group testing is often more practical using the written forms, as well.

Students who struggle with concentration or anxiety issues find that the computer versions of the tests have allowed them to focus and relax during the test-taking process.

The ALA and PLA continue to prepare students for the academic curriculum by identifying weak areas and creating individualized programs. Subtests are uniform in correct responses; norms were taken from populations in both the United States and Mexico.

For gifted students, SOI offers continued support in challenging those gifted areas.


The ALA test is composed of 30 subtests and is appropriate for third graders to adults. It also includes a critical thinking portion, which is a new addition to the SOI testing process.


The PLA test is composed of 14 subtests and is appropriate for kindergarteners to fifth graders. It can also be used with older students who have more severe learning problems.

Contact SOI to learn more.

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