What Can You Do to Improve Learning Effectively?

SOI’s main focus is to improve learning. To unleash learning potential.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, I had Level 2 training for SOI/IPP (Structure of Intellect’s Integrated Practice Protocol). It was so great! My instructor was Diane Hochstein, and I’m truly honored to have her as both a trainer and friend. Her 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of special education and alternative learning programs are amazing. I had five students the she IPP screened, and although none of these children have really bad learning issues, she was able to find areas that they could improve on! Each student was treated with respect and love, and each walked out of the clinic feeling very special.

This is what is so great about the SOI/IPP programs. You, or your child, don’t have to be a person with BIG issues to benefit from SOI/IPP. We all have areas that could use “sprucing up.” These areas may not seem to interfere with our everyday life. Maybe we have learned to cope with them or they’re just not severe enough to complicate things, but working on them might improve everyday life!

Think about it: what would your life be like if that “little issue” was gone and you didn’t have to deal with it ever again? What would life be like if you were able to process information faster? How about being able to walk better or play sports better? What if you could read faster and/or better comprehend what you read? What if you could just make working and living a little easier?

You have the power in you to change. SOI has the power to help you! You can improve learning effectively.

Now granted, YOU may not need SOI to function well in life, but what about the child or adult that struggles with even basic achievements? They consistently have to work harder, fight harder, and struggle longer just to be heard when they don’t understand something. In general, they end up “falling through the cracks” in school and society.

It would cost our communities much less to correct these people’s issues than financially support them when they are unable to excel in life. In the same way, as it is less expensive for the government to put a homeless person in a home/apartment than jail them for vagrancy, our education system could proactively test and diagnose struggling learners for less money than it would cost to financially support those who can’t earn a living because they can’t function in the workplace.

The majority of learning issues are within the individual: some quirk of nature that has made learning easy for some and difficult for others. Our government is trying to put the lion’s share of the responsibility and blame for student failure on our teachers, and giving them more and more restrictions on what, and even how, to teach. The problem is that no amount of reading, re-reading, practice reading, or speed reading is going to correct a vision issue. The vision, 20/20 or perceptual, must be corrected first.

SOI can help with a lot of these issues – some of them are easily diagnosed and simply addressed. Issues that are more difficult to deal with can be done by a specialist. With SOI tests and screenings, however, it can tell you which way is best for you or your child. Give SOI a chance to help you or someone you love!

written by: Judy Becker, SOI Practitioner (retired)

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