Functional, Integrated Education

One of the things we learn by experience is that truth is truth. We know there are certain immutable, undeniable facts that no matter how some may argue, are found to be true. Whether we are considering the realm of the physical or the mental, the concretely understood or the intangible, the “truth” wins out.

Just as the body will heal itself given the right input in terms of nutrition, we also learn that in education, if the correct methodologies and input are applied, the mind and body will work together to accomplish learning!

Hence, we come to an understanding of functional, integrated education. In the Structure of Intellect, as in good health, we obtain good results by healthy input – the combination of sensory integration, visual skills, and cognitive training.

Just as in strong physically healthful practices, the strong foundation of SOI – the immutable truth of how human beings learn – has yet to be disputed successfully. The Meeker Paradigm points this out:

  • Area 1 is cognition and intellectual function
  • Area 2 is social/emotional
  • Area 3 is physio-neurological

All must be in place for a human to function and learn with efficiency and success.

Years of well-intended ideas, methodologies, schemes, and theories in the world of education only bring us back to these same truths about what works long-term – not just as a Band-Aid to get through the next standardized test – but also as a solution that allows a student to overcome obstacles to their destiny.

Knowing these truths, we at SOI are able to discern and impact learning in ways that no amount of conventional tutoring can. And that’s the truth.

written by: Renee Anderson, SOI Systems Senior Program Consultant

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