Modules? Seriously.

The ideal SOI recipe for success for learning and career is simple: test, cognitive and IPP training modules, retest.

The initial testing is often rewarding and intriguing, as we figure out some of our enigmatic client needs. However, the re-testing often is not as critical. What about the training? I believe it’s the middle of the recipe that’s absolutely unique and valuable: the personalized follow-up plan based upon the individual’s SOI scores, with new insight into the learning styles and needs – especially for those who struggle in school or the workplace.

This is the heart of the recipe. Many of us bring areas of expertise to the table – either in teaching; or from the Meeker Paradigm area #3 (physio-neurological), where medical or mental health barriers to learning and functioning are discovered. However, the SOI modules – both paper and computer – remain the main course. Here are a few of my emphases and SOI recommendations from my personal toolbox along the SOI remediation way.

I use lots of SOI “brain-building” modules. Remember, they have been developed for specific learning ability building. They are potent. I always use more than the list in the educational analysis. I repeat them with most of my students. I use several P-level modules – CMS-P, and CFU-P for example – with all of my students of any age. After all, do figural learners benefit from skipping the figural component of a module series? I have never had any teenager give resistance to their SOI modules, including my previous juvenile department kiddos.

I get the most miles out of each of these modules I can. For example, in CFU-I and II and CSR-II, where the learner has to search and mark things in rows, I always add intentional tracking practice. I add the directions, “Remember this is reading exercises for your eyes. It is like reading pictures. We cannot read bottom to top, or right to left, so we read this way.” (Show left to right, top to bottom).

Here are some of my favorite paper modules:

  • the SOI Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Book
  • the SOI Vision Book
  • MathPrep modules
  • CMU/NST I and II
  • My Dictionary: Words for Feelings
  • the SOI Organization Book
  • a personalized workbook (we often get a second one)

Some of my favorite computer modules are:

  • Memory Matrix auditory exercises (Figural#5, Symbolic#2, Semantic#2)
  • Following Directions 1-a and 11-a
  • the Auditory Kit MFU exercises
  • the Vision CD
  • LOCAN (particularly Bingo with Words)
  • Beginnings and Endings II-IV

It was the influence of Dr. Mary Meeker and some of the SOI practitioners I interviewed several years ago that encouraged me to patiently follow through with the SOI module plans. I have several success stories, beginning with my own children.

Many thanks to Dr. Bob’s ongoing dedication to developing and producing CD and paper modules! Seriously, we have a great toolbox!

written by: Marcia Davis, SOI Associate/IPP Practitioner and founder of Positive Learning Solutions, LLC

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