IPP: Integrated Practice Protocol

INTEGRATED: combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole

PRACTICE: repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency

PROTOCOL: the plan for carrying out a scientific treatment regimen to be followed exactly

IPP is the acronym for Integrated Practice Protocol.  Those three letters have great value to thousands of individuals that have greatly improved their ability to learn, concentrate, focus, remember, produce, and succeed in the learning environment and in life.

It is well known and accepted that a number of students are not as well prepared for the demands of learning as are many others.  These students may struggle with concentration, memory (visual or auditory), sitting still, completing work or turning in homework.  Behavior, shyness or immaturity may also be an issue. 

We know from academic testing that a challenged student falls below the expected grade level, but WHY?  IPP wants to find the why.  If not addressed early, the struggles may continue through school, work and in life.

As any coach expects athletes to be prepared to play the sport, we should also expect that every student has the processing abilities to learn successfully. Athletes are expected to work out prior to playing the game.  Hence, students can be referred to IPP to improve learning abilities.  This enables them to find a higher level of success in the classroom and beyond.  

IPP starts with gathering information:

  • Cognitive assessment to determine strengthens and weaknesses in the learning process.
  • A sensory-motor screening to understand how the vision, auditory and motor system are able to sustain concentration and retain information.
  • A visual screening to see if the eyes coordinate together in order to deliver a clear image to the brain.  As with threading a needle, the eyes must see near-point information without gaps and excessive movement.

It is at this point that IPP moves into the area of developing all areas in need of strengthening.  Each student/individual follows their own individualized IPP plan that addresses all areas of concern from the assessment and screening. 

With hard work, precision and focus, the art of learning is developed. 

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