Learning Solutions: The Actions You See – The Words You Never Hear



“Oh no, we’re going to read out loud again? I wish I could just disappear. She’s handing out the books. I can’t, I just can’t read out loud again and have the guys laugh when I stumble over the words. I don’t get why they can read without stumbling and I read like a K student. When we go out to recess, someone always says something dumb to me and I just shrug my shoulders. My parents and teacher hate when I do that. Think… I’m good at making people laugh, especially the girl next to me. Maybe it will work again and the teacher will have me sit outside the room. She’s tired of me she says. Oh man, now I’m in for it. How am I going to explain to my parents why I was sent to the office? I hate school.”

  • SOI Assessment showed extreme visual issues that were corrected with Developmental Optometry.
  • Sam did SOI paper/pencil modules at my learning center for the school year.
  • Was at grade level in reading by the next year.
  • Sam is soon to graduate from medical school as a pediatric surgeon.
  • He still makes people laugh and has the most caring nature.
  • In his chosen field, his personality will be a gift to many families.


“Not one single person can give me a good reason why I have to do my work on paper! What the heck is the big deal that I can get the answer quickly in my head? Does putting it on paper make it more right? There must be something wrong with me. The other guys in the class just do what they are supposed to do and I get mad. It seems I’m always mad. What’s the use? I’m just going to drop out of school and work for my uncle and then get my GED. I hate school. It’s more stupid than I am!”

  • SOI Assessment showed almost all gifted abilities.
  • Earlier in school, John raced through learning and was not held to following the necessary experiences with completing his work on paper. He was celebrated for his brightness and his willingness to help others with their work.
  • He was simply not prepared for junior high school and by high school was no longer referred to as a gifted student.
  • He stayed in 11th grade and did SOI paper/pencil modules for 4 months at my SOI Center.
  • John has his degree in Business and works in his family’s business in an executive role.


“Life is stupid. School is stupid. I’m stupid! I just can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing. It doesn’t make sense. Everything gets all mixed up when I am doing it and then my parents get so upset with me when I don’t know how to do my homework. Who cares? I’m just going to quit caring about trying to figure this all out. What can they do to me? Nothing matters anyway. My younger sister is the star of the family. Let her get all the attention. Everyone just stay out of my room.”

  • SOI Assessment showed very low memory abilities and problems with systems of information.
  • Maggie worked at my SOI Center for two years. She was deeply discouraged and unmotivated.
  • She did IPP (Perceptual Program), memory and SOI materials to build systems thinking.
  • In the second year, we worked on creative writing, evaluation, logic, and continued building memory.
  • Maggie is now in a management role in a large business.

Having answers leads to solutions. Solutions release the words. Words spoken release the pain. Action takes place. Success is felt. Hope is held onto. Life begins. I absolutely love the process. As Dr. Mary Meeker, founder of SOI Systems, said, “The brain can become addicted to many things, even success.”  I’m addicted.

written by: Diane Hochstein, Senior SOI Program Consultant & President of SOI Service Company

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