Classification: A Skill for Life

Comprehension of Figural Classes (CFC) at a lower level is the ability to group and sort. It is how we begin to comprehend. These are yellow; these are red. Beginning with same and different, we ask ourselves, “In what way are these things the same or different? Is this the only way they are the same or different? How else could they be grouped?”

The skill of logical thought is classification. In a very basic way, it helps us to make sense of our world. In a young child’s world it explains, “This is mama’s. This is daddy’s. This belongs to sister. It is not mine…unless I am two.”

At a young age, classification is what helps us make sense of our world. It gives order to our thinking. An older child may think, “These are crayons. These are markers. These are pencils.” We separate them for ease of use. As they enter school, they learn to organize their time. Now is the time to work. Now is the time to play. Classification is the skill that makes order out of chaos. Classified is the opposite of random.

As we grow older, we organize or classify for different reasons. In fact, we organize and classify in order to be able to reason and plan. People with low conceptualization skills may be competent working with a single stimulus or doing one thing at a time, but will have a hard time understanding how things go together, what the commonalities are, and how to classify them for leadership, prioritizing or decision making.

Since this ability defines concept formation, a low score in an adult would indicate difficulty in jobs or endeavors that require rapid changes.

The ability to classify is at the root of successful learning and living. With SOI, we can train order, precision, and organization – the skills of a successful learner.

written by: Renee Anderson, SOI Systems Senior Program Consultant

Renee is the founder of Synap2it! Learning Development Center.

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