Evaluation Training I

Throughout our lives, we are constantly required to make choices and decisions. Some need to be made quickly; some can take more time. And we want to be able to make the right choice.

Evaluation training is important because evaluation is the ability to reach decisions, to make decisions, or to make judgments concerning a situation.

It is the type of intelligence that allows a person to survey the correctness, suitability, adequacy, and desirability of alternative responses and to then choose the correct action.

Having these judgement skills in place is an important foundation for both life and learning. Let’s start working on them today!

Exercise – Evaluation of Symbolic Systems

Objective: To develop the ability to estimate the appropriateness of aspects of a symbolic system.

Directions: This task helps develop the student’s ability to evaluate symbolic information within the four math systems which are used throughout school.

  1. Copy the chart to the right onto your whiteboard or make a copy for each student.
  2. Put the four operational signs on the whiteboard: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  3. Review the operations.
  4. Instruct the student that he or she needs to figure out the operations on the given numbers to find out which operation produces the answer.
  5. Instruct the student to write the operation used in the appropriate column.

Try doing the same exercise with different numbers and results. Make the exercise easier or difficult for your student(s).

Have fun!

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  1. Renee

    Love the helpful hints. One hint. I give to parents/students: when stopped at a light memorize the license tag numbers & letters then say or write forward backward.
    MSUv, MSSv!
    Alternate: one person calls them out, one person repeats or flips and repeats. MSUa & MSSa! Good driver & rider activity.

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