SOI Memory Training

The Structure of Intellect assesses many different learning abilities. What often shows up as the lowest overall ability is memory – both visual and auditory.

If you think of memory as “the developed art of paying attention,” then you begin to understand why this is a growing concern in education, especially in elementary school.Comprehension is diminished by lower memory ability and problem-solving becomes frustrating when memory ability fails to recall correct information. Fortunately, SOI is in the business of training memory!


  • memory is the ability to retrieve information that has been previously understood
  • a lack of memory abilities can be inhibiting or disabling in the acquisition of basic learning skills
  • memory is one of the easiest learning abilities to train
  • you will see improvement with fifteen minutes of daily memory training


Memory Matrix is our most popular program for training memory in people ages six to adult.

This program contains 13 different visual and auditory memory exercises that help with reading, math, arithmetic, and language arts. Figural, symbolic, and semantic abilities are all trained.

In each of the exercises, you can make the memory tasks as easy or as difficult as needed, depending on the age and ability level of the person working on the exercise. This makes Memory Matrix a great option for anyone who needs to improve their memory!


This easy-to-use kit trains all types of memory: figural (pictorial), symbolic (numbers, letters, codes, and notes) and semantic (words and ideas).

It trains all these memory types at both the units and systems level. Students will enjoy the fun variety of exercises, each of which targets a specific type of memory. This kit can be used one-on-one or in a group setting for first grade to eighth grade students. The exercises can be made as easy or as difficult as needed.

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